onsdag 20. januar 2010

Rainbow cupcakes

To have som fun, my stepson and I desided to make rainbow cupcakes one weekend he was here.

They turned out a little lighter in colour than what I was going for, but I think they look nice anyway. We used a standard, simple vanilla cupcake recipe that we split in four pieces. Then we coloured the pieces pink, blue, green and yellow.

We lined a cupcake pan and put som of each colour in each of the cupcakes.
This is how they turned out.
And with some white buttecream frosting.
And the most importent thing.. they tasted lovely!

- Mycupcake

3 kommentarer:

  1. Splendid! How fun! I love all of the colors! You know, I've never tried making multiple colors in one cupcake but I think I'll have to give it a shot now. Thanks for the inspiration! :D

  2. Oh how cute! They look pretty yummy too :)